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February 2, 2011

Food, Sugar, and Creative Juices

Having read Mark Bittman's excellent Food Manifesto in today's New York Times, and still engaging in my losing war with sugar, I thought I would go to Cafe Press and make up some bumper stickers, since I saw so few of any use when I searched for "Sugar". Mostly I found stickers about sugar daddies, sugar gliders (had never heard of them, and they are not dirty: that's just your mind) and diabetes. I did, however, find a sticker that said "W.W.J.D. Who Wants Jelly Donuts?" which I thought was quite clever.

Here are my first three stickers. When I find out from Cafe Press how to post them where other people can see (and purchase!) them, I will let you know.

Coming Soon: bumper stickers auf Deutsch! Stay tuned!
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