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May 1, 2011

Lost E-Mails

This is a courtesy notice to my friends and others who may have written and wondered why no reply has been forthcoming.

Twice – once around April 10, and again just a few minutes ago – all of the e-mails in my inbox have disappeared. There has been no warning, and they have not been moved to Trash or Junk folders or anywhere else. They have disappeared from my computer as well as from online. One time I open Mail and they are there; the next time the Inbox is empty as a bottle at an Irish wake. I am considering having all my Apple mail forwarded to my Gmail account for safekeeping – not the kind of thing a Mac devotee wants to hear himself saying.

So if you were expecting an answer to an e-mail, please re-send your original e-mail. For obvious reasons I am not posting my address here. Thanks!

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