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September 15, 2010

Everything Holds: A Dream Journal Entry

Yesterday, political commentary courtesy of Dudley Do-Right. That's NOTHING compared to today.

The Christmas Holstein. I had a picture of it on ny iPad. But that's not all. It was the Jewish Christmas Holstein. Not Hanukah. Not Jewish New Year. Jewish Christmas. And the Holstein was collapsed on the brick hearth, next to the Jewish Christmas tree, as if it had had too much kosher egg nog. This was taken at . . . Megan Sisco's house (sorry to drag you into this Megan. I've never even seen your house.).

Where was I looking at this picture of the Jewish Christmas Holstein in Megan's house? Why, funny you should ask.

Me and a groupa guys were hanging out at the top of a ladder going down into this pit, you see. This was, near as I can tell, somewhere in the Four Corners: New Mexico, Arizona or Utah, I'd guess. Just hanging out there at the mouth of the pit. One guy pointed out the name of one of the peaks, which I don't recall (that's another thing: I NEVER remember my dreams. Maybe once a year I do.).

And just before I awoke, there was a discussion about not holding the iPad over the pit - which we then did because guys fool around like that. So, of course, the iPad gets bobbled, and one guy falls into the pit, so we lose, not just the iPad, but one of the guys. Nope! REWIND! He's back! The iPad gets bobbled, the guy gets bobbled, all of us get bobbled, and everything holds.

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  1. Well, Jung says anything underground is your unconscious, and although he pre-dates the iPad by a considerable margin, he'd probably agree that computer and technology in general could represent the intellect/ego.

    Sounds like your ego is due for a trip down the rabbit hole into some unknown territory.

    Don't forget warm clothes and a good flashlight.



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