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April 21, 2011

Gas Prices, Earth Day and Economies

Someone asked me recently how much gas costs here in Germany. Rather than doing the math – converting liters to gallons and Euros to dollars – I Googled and found this article. I wonder which gas price they think is shocking: ours, or the higher prices.

Gas is roughly double the price here that it is in America. It's still more expensive elsewhere. Taxes here are reportedly higher, too. Yet the German economy is, by most accounts I've seen, keeping the whole EU afloat. This is 20 years after reuniting with East Germany and absorbing all that debt and neglected infrastructure. Germany's policies are the greenest in Europe.

Happy Earth Day, by the way. We have Earth Day, and Germany is green. Which country is doing a better job of preserving its natural capital, do you think? I'd like to see a side-by-side comparison of our economies. May have to Google more. For now, I think I will have a Hefeweizen.

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  1. Hallo John!
    In der Ukraine kostet Benzin (A-95, 1L) etwa 0.9 Euro :)


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