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April 20, 2011

Photos from Freiburg and the Goethe Institute

Almost our whole class on a mountain overlooking Freiburg

My friend Anton, from Ukraine

Frau Ozana Klein: my German teacher, and a delight

Photos are clickable/enlargeable.

Time is FLYING. I simply cannot believe that I have already been here three and a half weeks. These folks are wonderful. I'd like to package them all up and take them with me from place to place, learning new languages, laughing it up, and having a ball.

I repeat: I AM the most fortunate person you know.

I am working on a more extensive blog post. It may be up this weekend, or not until next week. We'll see how it goes. School is out on Friday and Monday in observance of Easter, so I have a long weekend. Going to see Bach's St. Matthew's Passion tomorrow evening. Might even go to an Easter service. You would not believe the size of the chocolate Easter bunnies here.

Bis sp├Ąter, taters!

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